MF Global

MF Global is a popular international brokerage firm. This brokerage firm is the world’s leading independent broker of exchange traded futures. They started their online service since 2002. MF Global empower investors with integrated global trading solutions and expert analysis that adds value to your investment strategy. They have 100 brokers in seven locations across Canada. Besides this MF Global have offices in five continents globally and has affiliated with more than seventy financial exchanges. They provide execution and clearing services across broad range of trading market including interest rate products, equities, foreign exchange and other commodities. Read on to know more about MF Global Canada forex broker.

The reviews of MF Global show that trading with this forex broker can benefits you in many ways. The initial minimum deposit of opening an account in this brokerage firm is $10,000 and has a minimum trade size of $100,000 (1 Lot). However, the funding option of MF Global broker is through Wire Transfer. The free demo account provided by this brokerage firm will be very helpful to. Here you can practice your trading skills and test all your trading strategies. With this brokerage firm you can get leverage up to 40:1 and there is no commission. Even MF Global has wider pip spread of 1-4. They supported different languages of the world including Chinese, English and Japanese.

The further MF Global reviews also revealed that this brokerage firm offers three trading platforms including Currenex, Strategy Runner and MTrade FX. Account holders of this forex broker receive Live Stream Quotes, Live Chat Support and Free Phone Support. They provide you with stop order, limit order and trailing stop order. There are 25 currency pairs available for trade in this forex broker. The superior level of service offered by MF Global allows them to sustain long-term relationships that in turn enable them to respond more efficiently and proactively to their clients' changing needs. However, thier partnership with each client is based on the concepts of high-quality personalized service and cutting-edge innovation. Overall, MF Global forex broker is worth considering and is viewed as a market leader.