FX Clearing

FX Clearing is one of the leading forex brokers in the forex market. This broker is based in Ottawa, Canada, providing the highest level of service to the individual forex traders. They started their online service from the 2007. FX Clearing is regulated by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada and is registered with the Ministry of Government Service. Trading with this brokerage firms can benefit you in many ways. So, get information and advantages about FX Clearing by reading the reviews in this article.

The initial deposit for opening an account in FX Clearing broker is only $10. The payment options for this broker include PayPal, MoneyBookers, credit or debit card and Wire Transfer. This forex broker also offers the most convenient and advanced trading platform- MetaTrader 4 trading platform. This trading platform provides you with access to powerful features which can help you obtain a more educated view of the market including trading with automatic execution, real time pricing with full hedging capabilities. Even most of the expert advisors are also allowed in this brokerage firm.

FX Clearing reviews shows that with this brokerage firm you can get leverage up to 500:1. For opening a mini account in this firm you only require to deposit a minimum amount of $250. However, you can open a standard account by depositing a minimum amount of $5000. In FX Clearing there is no swap for mini and micro accounts. The smallest lot size of this brokerage firm is 1,000. There is also a free demo account where you can practice your trading skills. Moreover, FX Clearing is a commission free brokerage firm.

Reviews of FX Clearing broker reveals that this forex dealer provides you with stop order, limit order and trailing stop order. The spreads offered by this forex broker is 1-2 pips. FX Clearing also offers Order Matching and Negotiation modes of dealing. They supported many languages of the world which includes Arabic, Chinese, English, Japanese and Polish. Utilizing these advantages of FX Clearing you can trade confidently and comfortably in the forex market at the same can increase your forex returns.