Friedberg Direct

Friedberg Direct is a forex brokerage firm owned by the Friedberg Mercantile Group Ltd. Toronto. This broker started its online operation since 2005. Friedberg Direct forex broker provides direct admittance to Spot Foreign Currency, Currency Options and Commodity Futures Trading through dynamic, on-line trading platforms. However, the accounts with Friedberg Direct broker are covered by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. This article provides brief reviews of Friedberg Direct forex broker. So, gain more knowledge about Friedberg Direct by reading this review.

In Friedberg Direct brokerage firm, you can open an account with a minimum deposit of $600. However, the funding option of this broker is through wire transfer. It also has an advanced trading platform – Fx Trading Station. This trading platform is a Windows-based program rather than a server-based system. This creates a safer, faster, and more reliable platform for trading. This broker offers demo account where you can train yourself and improve your forex trading skills. Friedberg Direct reviews revealed that both live and demo accounts can now set a stop-loss order that will electronically adjust itself as the market rate moves in the direction of your open position. With this broker, you can also have better leverage up to 3%.

The lowest spread in Friedberg Direct brokerage firm is 4 pips. It also offers seventeen currency pairs to trade in the forex market. Moreover, Friedberg Direct forex broker is a commission free broker. However, the reviews of Friedberg Direct further reveals that, this broker offers stop order, limit order and trailing stop order. All stop-loss, limit and entry orders are precise during normal market conditions. Friedberg Direct offers you near instantaneous execution and price certainty on orders of up to $1 million U.S. You can orders directly off time steaming prices through the trading station provided by Friedberg Direct. However, trading with Friedberg Direct is easy and fast. Their customer support is very reliable too.